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Christian community, celebrating Christmas with the children of the community and the young people, Apia the capital

UNICEF recognises the power and influence of the corporate sector and wishes to proactively engage, influence and harness business and industry towards achieving benefits for children. Partnerships enhance and complement each other’s efforts while building on individual natural strengths and areas of primary expertise. Partnerships also allow for advocacy and acknowledgement of each partner’s existing roles and responsibilities in specific areas of expertise.

In the Pacific, the corporate sector is indicating its enthusiasm to work with UNICEF but it is interested in working in new ways. The business community is beginning to require a more strategic environmental and social return on its investments. 

UNICEF Pacific is seeking to bring the corporate sector and partnerships into the heart of its operations. It is proposing to achieve this through a number of types of engagement, including jointly developed, ‘strategic’ partnerships, influencing corporate behaviour and also facilitating a positive environmental impact (or mitigate the negative impact) of business. 

Thank you for your interest and commitment to partner with us. We look forward to greater collaboration for children of Fiji and the Pacific.

Please contact suva@unicef.orgfor more information on how to become a partner.



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