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Student of Delap Public Elementry in the Marshall Islands

In many Pacific island countries, the legal framework for child protection is weak. Programme and services lack strategic direction and protection related vulnerabilities faced by children are not addressed. Families and communities are increasingly torn between traditional and modern ways of raising and disciplining children and evidence gathered with support from UNICEF in seven countries show that corporal punishment in homes and communities, as well as high levels of bullying at school, are major areas of concern. Due to high rates of domestic violence, a significant number of children grow up exposed to violence and abuse, including in places that should be violence-free. Gender based violence is another major area of concern with the Pacific being location to four out of the top five countries globally, in which the highest support for wife beating among adolescent boys is registered. Birth registration rates vary widely across the region, from less than 20% in Solomon Islands to more than 60% in Kiribati and 90% in Fiji. Several countries including Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Fiji are making progress in improving legislative frameworks for child protection.

From 2013 to 2017, the Child protection programme will build on past successes to achieve the following results for children:

  • Ensuring that children are increasingly protected by legislation and are better served by justice systems that protect them as victims, offenders and witnesses,
  • Ensuring that children are better served by well-informed and coordinated child protection social services that ensure greater protection against and response to violence, abuse and exploitation;
  • Supporting families and communities in establishing home and community environments for children that are free from violence, abuse and exploitation. 





Vanuatu Civil Registration

The development of the Civil  Registry’s  information management system by the Department of Civil Status  received international recognition for promoting national ownership as well as being  an enabler of decentralisation and reaching families in some of the most remote islands in the country.

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