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Young Pacific Film Producer Wins International Award

Suva, 3 February 2012 – 16 year old Vanuatu film maker Nenneth Sakita has scooped up a 2011 OneMinutesJr. Award for the film “Discrimination Against Women”. The film was selected by an independent jury in competition with 250 videos from around the world.

“Discrimination Against Women” was produced in Port Vila during a workshop hosted by Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation in July 2011, with support from UNICEF Pacific and the OneMinutesJr. Foundation. Nenneth was inspired to make the film by an experience at the workshop:

“During the workshop, we would see this particular lady… all dressed up wearing her high heel shoes,” she explained. “Some of the participants would talk about her in a negative way in the way she dressed. However, I wanted to make a point that women had rights as well.”

The jurors chose the film for its strong and emotional message told by using an extremely simple style, minimalistic resources, and sentimental music that acts as a part of the story.

Following the announcement of the award winners, UNICEF Pacific Representative Dr. Isiye Ndombi commented:

“This is a great recognition of Pacific youth as creative and effective advocates on issues important to youth in the region. It is a powerful film with an important message and shows that Pacific youth are very capable of producing films that meet international standards. I encourage all young people in the region to keep pursuing their dreams and I thank Nenneth and Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation for showing one of the ways to do so.”

The recognition of Nenneth Sakita’s film was accompanied also by the nomination of another contribution from the Solomon Islands - “The talking can” produced by Dick Koto with support from One Television. It follows nominations for the OneMinutesJr. Awards also in 2010 for the Fiji produced film “Waila River” by Epironi Tulele.

“The future for Pacific youth media is looking even brighter with “Discrimination Against Women” winning the award. It is part of a positive trend initiated with Fiji youth advocates Kids-Link winning the 2009 Alexander Bodini Foundation Award. It is also a reflection of an equally positive trend in the Pacific where young people are becoming increasingly visible in public and social dialogue in the media and on the internet. Their participation, voices and ideas are essential for making the Pacific fit for all children” Dr. Ndombi added.


Read more about the 2011 OneMinutesJr. Awards on:

For more information, please contact Tomas Jensen, Communication Specialist, UNICEF Pacific– on phone +679 9925606 or on e-mail



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