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UNICEF Ready to Support People Affected in the Rewa River Delta

© jhing/UNICEF Pacific/Cyclone Mick/2009

SUVA, 18 December 2009 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is focusing on ensuring support to people living in informal settlements in the Rewa River Delta.

UNICEF estimates that at least 17,500 people in the Rewa River Delta were affected by severe flooding causing extensive damage in housing areas, water mains and water supplies.

Three days after category 2 Cyclone Mick hit major islands of the Fiji Islands group, the affected population still do not have access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

“We are concerned about the safety and health of children. UNICEF is prepared to face the issues that could arise and is ready to mobilise the resources needed to ensure that the water, health and nutrition needs of affected children and families are met,” said UNICEF Pacific Representative, Dr. Isiye Ndombi.

UNICEF stands ready to distribute “Emergency Hands” – communication materials promoting key sanitation and hygiene behaviours, posters promoting hand washing and breastfeeding, collapsible water containers and water purification tablets at the request of the Government.

For more information, please contact Donna Hoerder, Communications Specialist – External Relations, on telephone 679 3300 439/ fax 679 3301 667




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