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Education is critical to a child’s development and well-being. UNICEF Pacific in partnership with Ministries of Education and regional organisations devotes special efforts to giving all girls and boys equal learning opportunities. Innovative approaches are being used to ensure children complete basic education and achieve learning outcomes; addressing the holistic development of the child; and contributing to learning and motivation to encourage children to remain in school and to complete basic education

The programme’s focus is on:

Provision of quality education for all and in particular for young children
Implementation of Child Friendly Schools in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, which will enhance all aspects of children’s development including health and sanitation, retention at school, a whole-of-school approach for children’s learning, disaster risk preparedness and citizenship duties

The targeted results are:

Improved education opportunities for girls and boys - being able to start school, stay in school and complete school to a basic education cycle
Development of educational policy and programming nationally drawing from a human rights based approach to ensure equitable provision of quality education
Development and integration of early childhood education policies into national educational policies






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