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The OneMinutesJr Kiribati

TARAWA, Kiribati, 29 May 2012 - Sixteen boys and girls from the Republic of Kiribati have come together on Tarawa Island today to start a five-day video workshop on issues concerning them and their future. The workshop is part of the international UNICEF-supported OneMinutesJr project and will generate up to twenty 60-second-films on topics ranging from climate change to domestic violence, teenage pregnancy and education.

The teenagers participating in the workshop were selected by the Department of Youth under the Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs of the Republic of Kiribati. They are aged between 12 and 20 and have shown their special interest in the workshop during the application process by writing essays about issues concerning the youth of Kiribati. Now it is time to transform the ideas from written texts into moving images.

The workshop is held in the UNICEF office in Kiribati and starts with an introduction of the concept of the OneMinutesJr by the two trainers from Germany and Portugal. In principle, it is very simple - produce a film that is exactly 60 seconds long, not a second shorter or longer. But to tell a story, to make a point in exactly one minute is not so easy...

After the first orientation meeting the children are encouraged to write down their initial ideas and then present them to the trainers. In individual sessions, the ideas are then developed further into stories and more brainstorming of the participants, mixed with the filming experience of the trainers, finally leads to storyboards and a plan for the shooting of the films later during the week.

Having sixteen participants means that at the end of the workshop there will be (at least) sixteen films. Every participant will tell a very personal story about how he or she sees the future of the country, where the main problems are or how positive change can be brought about. Tomorrow, on the second day of the workshop, the ideas for the filming will be finalized and the practical part of the seminar can begin.

Kiribati One Minute Juniors Day 2 coverage
TARAWA, Kiribati, 30 May 2012 - On the second day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Kiribati, the young participants have to finalize their story ideas and get ready to start shooting.





The first OneMinutesJnr production from Kiribati


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