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UNICEF Pacific collaborates with Stan Antas and local artists in Vanuatu for Anti-Bullying Campaign

© UNICEF Pacific/2014/Choi
“Rispek Van” Mobile Team

Port Vila, 5 December 2014 – UNICEF Pacific together with Vanuatu local artists including Stan Antas, have produced a new song called “Respecting One Another” as part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness about violence in school. 

The song, which is being launched on-line today, is being distributed around Efate by the “Rispek Van” Mobile Team. It is already trending on radio stations and in shops.

The UNICEF “Rispek Van” is visiting every community and village on Efate Island, Vanuatu, using Bluetooth enabled phones to freely distribute the MP3 and music video of the “Respecting One Another” song, along with additional videos highlighting the issues of violence in Vanuatu and the need to “Leftem Up Rispek”.

Amanda Bissex, Chief of Child Protection Program with UNICEF Pacific said, “By sharing music and messages about respect, by visiting directly the communities and by leaving behind engaging messages on mobile phones, the campaign is challenging the people in Vanuatu think and talk about violence against children.”

The campaign which is being led by the Ministry of Education with support from UNICEF and the Australian Government, has been developed as a direct result of a recent study UNICEF conducted in two junior secondary schools in Efate, Vanuatu, to look at the issue of violence in schools. 

To address this problem, UNICEF underlined the need to move beyond tackling bullying as a stand-alone issue, but rather challenge schools to adopt a "culture of respect." The study showed that the rate of bullying was very high, but interestingly, that there was no clear distinction in people’s mind between the "bully" and the "victim". Instead there was a general "culture of violence" where everyone was participating and perpetuating violence that was contributing to the creation of a dysfunctional learning environment. 

“According to a survey conducted in two schools on Efate, violence in school is a real issue. Over 90% of surveyed school children are being affected, either as victims or as perpetrators” said Diane Araki, Chief of the UNICEF Vanuatu Field Office. “UNICEF is hoping to extend its program on violence against children in Vanuatu by collaborating with partners to tackle violence in school and encourage Ni-Van children to ‘respect one another’. Addressing violence is everybody’s business.”

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