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Partnership of Excellence for Pacific Children (PasEFIC). Join us today !

Since 2008, we have discussed the idea of establishing a network for sharing information about Pacific Island children’s rights and development issues between governments, universities, non-government and community-based organizations, regional and international development partners, media and corporate agencies, and children, young people and their families. We have received unanimous support for such an information sharing network. We are now pleased to announce the official launch of the Partnership of Excellence for Pacific Children (PasEFIC).

PasEFIC is a knowledge generation partnership with one aim: to ensure the best and latest information is at hand to guide regional, national, and local decisions that influence the survival, development, protection and participation of Pacific Island children.

By becoming a member of PasEFIC, you can electronically receive:

• UNICEF Pacific publications
• Notification of conferences and events relevant to Pacific children’s issues
• Information on jobs and work experience such as internships with UNICEF Pacific

Joining PasEFIC has no fee. We only ask that you share information and ideas with us when you can. If you have research connected to Pacific Island children, if you have projects that focus on or include a focus on Pacific Island children, if you have ideas about how children’s rights and results for children can be best achieved, we would very much like to learn about your initiatives and share appropriate information on them rapidly across PasEFIC.

Please download and fill in the |Registration form| and send it to the manager of the PasEFIC Library, Caroline Duaibe:





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