• Two children laugh and play while looking toward the camera

    “The same year in which we
    marked the 25th anniversary of

    the Convention on the
    Rights of the Child

    – and celebrated a quarter century
    of progress for children – was also
    one of the most devastating years
    for children in recent memory.”

    Anthony Lake,
    UNICEF Executive Director

  • Children and their teacher play a game outdoors in a circle in Central African Republic

  • While 2014 marked the

    25th anniversary of the CRC – and justly
    celebrated the progress made for children
    in the last quarter century –

    the number and scale
    of emergencies
    increased exponentially
    and became increasingly
    more complex.
  • A young girl stands on a bridge over a drainage ditch in South Sudan

  • In 2014 an estimated

    230 million children

    lived in countries and areas
    affected by armed conflicts.

  • A line of Bangladeshi students wade through water to their knees on the way to school after heavy floods.

  • In 2014, 102 million people were
    affected by natural disasters,

    and over 50 per cent
    of them were children.

    In this context, UNICEF’s mandate

    to reach every child,
    especially the most

    becomes even more urgent.

  • Bangladeshi children hold up their arms as they practice dancing.

  • UNICEF’s universal mandate
    means that every child,
    everywhere, is of concern to us

    because every child
    deserves a fair chance
    at a better future.

  • UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo holds up a baby girl at the health centre in Mozambique.

  • In 2014 UNICEF continued to address 
    the inequities in opportunity that

    leave too many children behind.

    That meant providing
    support for these
    children to have a
    good start in life

    – to be nourished and healthy,
    to learn, to be protected and safe.
    Giving them a good start not only
    changes their future, but charts a
    new course for their children as well.
  • A group of adolescent classmates, gathered outside, raise their hands in a pledge

  • In everything we do,

    UNICEF’s goal is to
    help these
    children benefit
    from their right to
    essential services
    and protections.

  • A Nigerian woman holds her infant wrapped in a blue cloth

  • The real bottom line of the annual report is not
    about numbers, it’s about what they represent:

    the children UNICEF
    reached and those
    who remain in need.

    Focusing first and most intently
    on the children left furthest
    behind was at the heart of
    UNICEF’s work in 2014.