Water and sanitation



Water and Sanitation Reports 2013

School Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey

There are over 1,900 Government run public schools in oPt (in the West Bank over 1,530 and nearly 400 public schools in the Gaza Strip), excluding UNRWA schools in the refugee camps and private schools. With an insufficient number of school buildings in the Gaza Strip, two shifts operate in many schools. Within the education sector, poor infrastructure and inadequacy of WASH facilities in the oPt schools such as insufficient number of toilets (below recommended standards), lack of separate and/or suitable toilets for girls and boys in co-educational schools water shortages in the schools that are not connected to the water network particularly in Area C, poor quality of water in the schools in Gaza strip among other issues. is a key concern and negatively influences the educational environment for students and teachers, while also contributing to water-related health risks.



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