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Palestinian youth produce their own TV programme: Alli Sotak
EAST JERUSALEM, 10 December 2004 – The 2004 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting marks the second anniversary of Alli Sotak (Speak Up), created by and for Palestinian youth.

UNICEF Brings Volleyball to Children in the Gaza Strip
GAZA, 6 December 2004 - Under UNICEF's Sports for Development Programme, how volleyball changed the life of one girl

An unprecedented measles immunization campaign in oPt
BETLEHEM, 22 November 2004 - Almost half-a-million children protected against measles in an unprecedented campaign

Summer Camps contribute to children's education in oPt
JERUSALEM, 22 November 2004 - In 2004, UNICEF supported more than 100 summer camps in oPt, bringing recreational and play activities to some 17,000 boys and girls.

Children’s Municipality Councils: Schools of Democracy and Decision Making
GAZA, 21 November 2004 - UNICEF-supported CMCs are making a huge difference in children's lives in oPt

UNICEF-supported psychosocial sessions help distressed children
GAZA, 17 November 2004 - Distressed children in Gaza benefit from UNICEF-supported sessions

Learning to be a Star
GAZA, 17 November 2004 - How the dreams of 10-year-old Raghda came to and end one morning in Gaza

Safe Play Areas in Rafah: A Fun and Safe Haven for Children
GAZA, 17 November 2004 - How UNICEF Safe Play Areas in Gaza make a difference in the lives of children

Saving Children’s Lives on the Frontlines of Gaza
GAZA, 8 November 2004 - UNICEF-supported hospital in Gaza

Seeking an education in the occupied Palestinian territory
JERUSALEM, 31 October 2004 - Many children are denied their right to education in oPt



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