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Frontline diaries


Proud to be a Palestinian
by Zeina Abu Hamdan
WEST BANK, 5 April 2006 - Today is our day, it is Palestinian Child's Day. I am proud to be a Palestinian girl, one whose self-confidence increases every day and who constantly grows stronger, despite the worsening political situation.

My Imaginary Thursday
Bashar Zghayyar
WEST BANK, 23 April 2006 - My brother Tareq woke me up this morning at 6. Since I'm lazy and never get up after hearing the alarm clock, it's normal for someone to have to come into my room and push me out of bed in order to get me off to school. Once washed and dressed, I sat down and ate breakfast and then waited in the car for my father to take me to school.

From Gaza to Dubai
by Tamam Abu Hmaidan
GAZA, April 2006 - Tamam lives in Gaza City in the Palestinian territories. Over the next week Tamam will be travelling to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates where she'll be participating in the upcoming Urban Children and Youth Conference for the Middle East and North Africa region. We've asked her to write a special diary about her thoughts and experiences during the Conference and the difficult journey to get there.

For further details please check: Tamam's Diary at CBBC

The Unforgettable Diary of a CMC Candidate
by  Bara' Abu Eisheh
NABLUS, April 2006 - The 15-year-old Nablus student describes the tumultuous experience of running as a candidate in elections for the Children's Municipality Council. Waiting for the votes to be counted is almost unbearable as tension builds up.

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Naim Sadi with a member of the Safe Play Area in Jenin

Child’s play: Creating safe spaces in oPt
by Catherine Haswell
Daily life for children in Jenin involves constant exposure to violence. The sounds of gunfire, the deafening whirr of helicopters and the blaring of sirens punctuate the nights in this northernmost major town in the West Bank. A good night’s sleep is a dream. This precarious existence for the children of Jenin is what led Naim Sadi, a seasoned human rights worker, to the doors of UNICEF.





Taman's Latest Diary Entries

I learned that the majority of our schools are not suitable for disabled children and the few that are suitable do not meet the international standards.

Click here to read Taman's account of the last day of the conference and her long trip home


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