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Sensitization of care givers

NABLUS, 18 November 2005 – A group of almost 20 mothers from areas that witnessed several recurrent incursions, curfews and several houses demolitions gathered recently to discuss ways to deal with their kids.

Fatima, a mother of two, grew up in family that didn’t believe in participating and playing with children. She grew up quickly, having to help raise the offspring of her brothers and sisters.

And so she tried to rare her kids with in the same method.

Following the sensitization sessions, Fatima says she learnt how to deal differently with her children, playing with them more often.

She said: “I discovered a new world playing with my children. I now know more about them, their concerns and thoughts. I realized how much important it is to play with children.”

She also learnt how to recognize stress signs and what to do and where to go for help.

Sahera, a mother of six, who attended sessions in a referral center in Nablus city, says she learnt how to distinguish behavioral changes that may become larger problems later.

She said: “Now I know how to notice and discover any related signs, and how to deal with and where to go. I learnt how to manage with my own stress with out involving my kids.”

Samah, 25, one of the facilitators who implements sensitization of care givers, discovered many psychosocial problems that Palestinians women and mothers experience.

“Mothers become silent, especially dealing with husbands during the recent situation,” said Samah. “You see a deterioration of children’s learning achievements, a change in their behavior, especially in teenage years.”

“I realized who much these problems and issues have an adverse impact on children and their behavior.”

“I try my best through this project to equip mothers with skills and information needed to overcome these issues. I advise them and refer the serious cases to more specialized centers.

During the project I established 14 groups, where 10 women participated in eight sessions. There were different related topics tackled with women, and by the end they learnt how to detect stress signs and what to do before they become a serious problem.




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