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EOI : Solicitation of Contractors interest for the construction of specialist contract packages for implementation of the Short Term Low Volume (STLV) Sea Water Desalination Plant project in the Southern Governorate, Gaza



Subject: Solicitation of Contractors interest for the construction of specialist contract packages for implementation of the Short Term Low Volume (STLV) Sea Water Desalination Plant project in the Southern Governorate, Gaza

Date of readvertisement of  the EOI: 8 October, 2013

Closing Date of readvertisement the EOI: 20 October, 2013

Address EOI by e-mail to:


[Please note that this is a re-advertisement for package no4, Electrical Power Supply only. Contractors who have manifested interest during the first and second publications, will also be considered, and do not need to re-apply.]



UNICEF has been supporting Palestine Authority initiatives to improve the existing water and sanitation situation. Such interventions include drilling wells in Gaza, rehabilitation of wells in West Bank, rehabilitation water and sewerage networks and sewage pumping stations. As part of provision of the safe water in Gaza, UNICEF is in the process of implementing the Short Term Low Volume (STLV) Desalination Plant project to deliver safe water to the targeted population in Khan Younis and Rafah. The project comprises of a sea water desalination plant of 6,000 m3 per day capacity to serve around 75,000 people in Rafah and Khan Younes, and includes the following major components;

  • Sea water intake, beach wells;
  • The desalination plant;
  • Water networks to include:
    • Rehabilitation of existing main carrier line with associated extensions and connections,
    • Improvements and connections to existing distribution systems in Khan Younis and Rafah,
    • Pipelines associated with Seawater Intake and brine discharge to sea.
  • Water reservoirs of up to 3,000 m3 capacity;
  • Pumping stations;
  • Building for operation and monitoring of the plant including water quality monitoring;
  • Connections to the existing electrical grid and installation of standby generators.

The design phase of the desalination project started in January 2013. The construction phase is scheduled to commence in late 2013 and the plant is expected to be in operation at the beginning of 2015.

UNICEF intends to request proposals from contractors with proven relevant technical and professional experience and with a substantial presence and extensive experience within Gaza, for construction of the specialised contract packages based on the major components mentioned above. The contracting firms will be working under the direction of UNICEF team headed by an international team leader and supervised by a technical team consisting of senior members from UNICEF, PWA and CMWU.

Interested contractors are requested to express interest in:


Package 4 -     Electrical Power Supply (including but not limited to the following activities)

·         Connections to the National grid system

·         Installation of power transmission lines and transformers

·         Installation of standby generators.



  • Reputable corporate organizations with 10 years of experience in some or all of the above activities.
  • Strong engineering (technical) and management team;
  • Good track record on the construction of the above activities;
  • Good experience in construction and contract management;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills for reporting;
  • The institutional contractor must provide UNICEF with a Certificate of Incorporation/ documentation as a registered company or institution;
  • Evidence of ability to mobilize qualified personnel
  • Joint Venture partnerships with specialised international organizations as appropriate


Interested service providers are encouraged to complete and submit the supply the folowing:

Supply profile form - Download here

Annex A,B &C - Download here

EOIs should be sent to e-mail: , not later than 20 October, 2013. Please quote [EOI/JERA/WASH/STLV/2013/004] as subject in your correspondence.

We do not require bids or proposals at this stage; we merely solicit your expression of interest in participating in the Bid process. A response to this Request for Expression of Interest does not automatically ensure that you will be selected to participate in the bid.

UNICEF reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. UNICEF also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions as and when issuing the final bid document.   

If you have any additional technical question about this EOI, please send it to e-mail:



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