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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI): Assessment study of learning challenges experienced by Palestinian students


Subject: Assessment study of learning challenges experienced by Palestinian students
Date of the EOI: 6 August 2012
Closing Date of the EOI: 16 August 2012
The right to education is a basic principle which guides the operations of the PA Ministry of Education (MoE) as stated in its Education Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) 2008-2013. Education for all is identified as a main policy of the MoE, stating MoE’s commitment “to providing quality education for all children of school age, both girls and boys”.

Based on initial assessments by the Ministry of Education (MoE) on education and poor learning, three interlinked issues contribute to low achievement:  a poor learning environment, poor quality of teaching, and children with learning problems, including disabilities, difficulties and disadvantages. In response the MoE has taken some actions to address the first two areas. In response to the third area of concern, problems in learning, the MoE has identified the need to have a better understanding of the prevalence and the type of specific learning problems which Palestinian children experience and the wider factors that great challenges for children in learning. Unless the reasons why Palestinian children are not learning are better understood and the challenges in learning (disabilities, difficulties, and disadvantages) they experience addressed within an inclusive learning environment, a large number of Palestinian children will continue to be excluded from learning by teachers who label them as low achievers or non-learners and leave them out of learning in the classroom.

The purpose of this research is to conduct an assessment of the prevalence of learning disabilities, difficulties and disadvantages amongst Palestinian children and the overall learning challenges they experience; and provide recommendations for the development of approaches and strategies for interventions

The results of the assessment will support the MoE in being able to identify and reach struggling students and adapt different approaches to address their needs; thereby improving the quality of education and learning for all. The research study will present a holistic picture of context of learning within Palestinian schools and communities with a focus on the prevalence of learning disabilities/difficulties/ disadvantages amongst Palestinian children. Conclusions will provide a foundation for developing scenarios towards addressing the barriers and bottlenecks that impede the learning of children with disabilities specifically and all children in general with equity.  Recommendations will provide actions and suggestions for strategies to improve the learning (process and achievement) over the short and long terms within a child-friendly school approach.

Expected Background and Experience of the Institution

The team leader is expected to possess the following:
 Advanced degree in the social sciences (sociology, education, anthropology, development studies);
 Significant knowledge and experience of one or more of the researchers in the area of “Learning” and/or “Learning Disabilities” to provide guidance on the study
 At least 10 years of relevant professional experience;
 Significant experience conducting and coordinating research, and knowledge of research methodology with relevant expertise and good track record of conducting similar studies and/or related academic research.
 Excellent facilitation and coordination skills;
 Proven experience in analytical writing, report writing in English;
 Familiarity with oPt current national development priorities and challenges;
 Fluency in English and Arabic
 Access throughout oPt (West Bank including East Jerusalem and Gaza) (Individual or as a team)
 Sound understanding of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Key research team members will demonstrate competencies in the following areas:
 Experience conducting research; and knowledge of research methodology with relevant expertise
 Statistical analysis
 Excellent communication skills;
 Fluency in Arabic
 Experience working with children

For purpose of this REOI interested suppliers/service providers should submit following documentation:

1. The “Supplier Profile Form” and Annexes A and B available below:
Supplier form – Download Here
Annexes A and B – Download Here
(Note: In Suppler Profile Form only complete fields that are applicable to this EOI)

2. Certificate of Incorporation/ documentation proving that they are a registered company or institution
3. Reference letter from previous similar projects related to conducting and coordinating research, and knowledge of research methodology with relevant expertise of conducting similar studies
4. Reference to the knowledge and experience of the researchers in the area of “Learning” and/or “Learning Disabilities/Difficulties/Disadvantages.”

EOIs and documentation should be sent to oPt Supply, e-mail: , not later than 16 August 2012. Please quote “EOI JERA/EDU/2012/002” as subject in your correspondence.

This EOI does not constitute a solicitation. We do not require bids or proposals at this stage; we merely seek your expression of interest in participating in the tender. A response to this Request for Expression of Interest does not automatically ensure that you will be selected to participate in the tender.

UNICEF reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. UNICEF also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions as and when issuing the final tender document.

If you have any additional technical question about this EOI, please contact oPt Supply, e-mail:



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