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As a UNICEF National Committee

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Amid an increasingly competitive fundraising environment for UNICEF National Committees, UNICEF oPt offers an opportunity for a more interactive, innovatine engaging partnership.

UNICEF oPt depends heavily on support from UNICEF National Committees in order to ensure that basic humanitarian and development needs of are met in an adequate manner. UNICEF’s programmes are relevant, sustainable and are designed with full monitoring and accountability for the funding administered.

Programmatic linkage
We look forward to opportunities for engagement on programmatic issues with donors that are interested in having a strategic and programmatic dialogue for UNICEF and its technical staff.  These are normally arranged around thematic areas or sectoral interventions.

Contact information
Marixie Mercado
Chief, Communication
UNICEF Jerusalem
Tel: +972-2-584-0400 (ext 404)
Mobile: +972 547787604  +972-599-6743885

Monica Awad
Communication Specialist
UNICEF Jerusalem
Tel: +972-2-584-0400 (ext 405)
Mobile: +972-547787605, +972-599-118848

Sajy Elmughanni
Communication Officer
Tel: +972-054-7787602
Mobile: +972-059-8921836, +972-059-8921836

Hanan Michael
Communication Assistant
UNICEF Jerusalem
Tel: +972-2-584-0400 (ext 406)
Mobile: +972-547787606




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