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ECHO provides a protective environment for children in need
Hebron, State of Palestine, 2014 - Randa Makhrameh is a remarkable 14-year-old Palestinian girl. She is still laughing and talking after being detained and interrogated by Israeli settlers and police, accused of stealing cherries from an orchard while

Survival in Gaza: how one UNICEF staff member survived 50 days of violence
BEIT HANOUN, Gaza. September 2014 - The entire front of Bassam Nasser’s house has disappeared; a tank shell has left a large hole in the roof and his flatscreen tv has been put out of action – apparently by a piece of shrapnel.

Water, good hygiene improves lives for Gaza’s most vulnerable
Gaza, 5 September 2014 - Najlaa Abdel Al, 38, used to struggle to get water to bathe her seven young children and quench their thirst. The metal shack that the family calls home had no clean running water, no bathroom and was plagued with pests and filth.

For families trapped in shelters, e-vouchers made life easier
GAZA, State of Palestine, 3 September 2014 - Kifah Abu Shanab, husband Nabil and four children have just returned home in the Shejaiya neighbourhood, which was partly levelled by 50 days of armed conflict in Gaza. The family fled heavy fighting in the e

Household survey begins to determine needs of women and children in Palestine
Jerusalem, March 23, 2014 – Ninety Palestinian field workers are conducting house-to house surveys as part of a two month data-collecting exercise which will bring long term benefits to women and children in Gaza and the West Bank.

After floods in Gaza, critical supplies help children recover and return to school
Following severe flooding in Gaza, UNICEF is supporting relief efforts for thousands of families who were driven from their homes and lost their possessions.

A fresh solution to Gaza's water crisis
Limited water supply in Gaza has long meant high prices and poor water quality for many residents, but the introduction of new desalination plants has brought a dramatic improvement.



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