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Basic services for children under assault in Gaza

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NEW YORK, 18 July 2014 – As the violence in Gaza claims even more young lives and as its toll on children on both sides deepens, basic services for children are under assault, UNCIEF says.

Gaza’s crumbling water and sanitation infrastructure has sustained damage, raising the risk of water-borne disease. Around half of the sewage pumping and waste water treatment systems are no longer functioning, and some 900,000 people are without running water.  

Over 1,780 families have seen their homes destroyed or severely damaged in Gaza and tens of thousands are displaced, many of them taking shelter in schools. Over 80 schools have been damaged by nearby shelling.

UNICEF and partners are procuring essential pediatric drugs for hospitals and health facilities and child protection teams are helping children and their caregivers cope with the psychological distress. Radio spots have begun warning children and families about the dangers of unexploded ordnance.

With at least 59 children killed and another 500 injured in Gaza, and with four Israeli children injured in Israel, UNICEF urges all parties to meet their legal and moral obligation to protect civilians including children from harm. 



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