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UNICEF welcomes Japan’s donation in support of Palestinian children

RAMALLAH, occupied Palestinian territory, 8 March 2012 – The Government of Japan has stepped up with a major donation of nearly 16 million USD to provide critical support to Palestinian children and women in partnership with UNICEF.

“This donation demonstrates Japan’s enduring commitment to improve the lives and well-being of children all over the world, and most especially here in the occupied Palestinian territory”, said Ms. Jean Gough, UNICEF-oPt Special Representative, after learning the contribution was confirmed. “We are very grateful to the Government of Japan for their generous gesture of support and their exceptional spirit of solidarity, one year after Japan itself was hit by a Tsunami”, Gough added.

The Japanese contribution will empower UNICEF to address the immediate needs of Palestinian children and mothers in a wide range of areas which are in line with the 2011-2013 Programme Plan of Action signed between the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development and UNICEF in December 2010.  The Ministry has expressed its gratitude for the Japanese contribution. Specifically the funding will provide the following:

  • Reduce the risks of child and maternal mortality in vulnerable communities through ensuring availability of essential drugs for 250,000 children under-five and 70,000  pregnant women in Gaza; and ensuring quality health care through mobile clinics for 30,000 children and 30,000 pregnant and lactating women in Area C of the West Bank.
  • Protect the nutritional status of children and women in affected communities through micronutrient supplementation to 270,000 children under five and 260,000 pregnant and lactating women; promotion of infant and young child feeding practices and nutrition surveillance.
  • Reduce the risks of water-related health conditions among 40,000 children and 36,000 adults in Gaza and Area C through improving access to safe drinking water and sanitation and hygiene facilities.
  • Improve learning environments in Gaza and Area C for 52,000 children and 21,500 adolescents.
  • Strengthen coping mechanisms and social welfare for 132,000 children and 38,600 caregivers throughout oPt through psychosocial support activities and community-based protection mechanisms.

“The Japanese Government and its people are determined to support the well-being of all Palestinian children and women”, said Mr. Naofumi Hashimoto, Representative of Japan to the Palestinian Authority. “Our support to UNICEF also aims at helping the Palestinian people develop the capacities to provide basic services to children”, he added.

At the global level, Japan is one of the five largest contributors to UNICEF.

For more information, please contact:

Catherine Weibel, UNICEF – Tel: 02 58 40404 -
Monica Awad, UNICEF – Tel: 02 58 40405 -
Diala Zaineddin-Dodin, Japan Representative Office – Tel: 02-241-3120 -



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