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Monthly Update - December 2009
2009 opened to the largest Israeli military operations in Gaza since 1967. By the time unilateral ceasefires were declared on 18 January, “Cast Lead” had killed over 1,400 Gazans, including at least 350 children, and injured thousands more. Some 280 schools, almost half of all health facilities, and critical water and sanitation infrastructure, were damaged or destroyed. Over 3,500 homes were obliterated and around 50,000 sustained minor to major damages.

Monthly Update - November 2009
On 20 November 2009, the international community celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The most rapidly and universally ratified international human rights treaty in history, the 54 provisions of the Convention and its two Optional Protocols articulate the full complement of civil, political, cultural, social and economic rights for all children.

Monthly Update - October 2009
UNICEF works to ensure that every child – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or circumstances – has access to quality education. In emergency contexts, UNICEF works to return children to safe learning environments as quickly as possible –an unparalleled means for restoring a sense of normalcy and hope to children and their families.

Monthly Update - August 2009
UNICEF child protection partners report that while there has been some improvement in psychosocial conditions for children and their families, the long-term effects of the recent Israeli military operations are beginning to show. Signs include chronic depression, a sense of hopelessness, and fears about the future.

Monthly Update - July 2009
UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Affairs agreed to establish five pilot child protection networks across oPt that will provide integrated services for child
victims of abuse and violence. The agreement covers training 85 child protection social workers and network members in case management and referrals, and in establishing a rigorous monitoring and evaluation system.

Monthly Update - June 2009
One child was killed and three others injured by unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Gaza. Six children have died since the January ceasefires and many areas remain  contaminated with hazardous materials including UXO. UNICEF has worked closely with partners to strengthen and expand mine risk education efforts in Gaza, including through the production of leaflets and materials for children that are still being used in awareness-raising activities by the Red Crescent Society and the Ministry of Education.

Monthly update - May 2009
Only six truckloads of construction material had entered Gaza since “Cast Lead” destroyed homes, schools and critical infrastructure. Many families are using mud to rebuild homes, also according to Defense for Children International, around 700 children were held in Israeli detention facilities during 2008, including 20-30 children held on the basis of secret evidence, without charges or trial.

Monthly update - April 2009
According to a UN survey, Gazan residents rated psychosocial distress as their main health problem and expressed an urgent need for psychosocial support. Also, a World Bank report states that closure and conflict have led to near collapse of water supply reliability in Gaza and Israeli restrictions against repair materials are worsening impacts.



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