Nutrition in Emergencies: Welcome

This course covers basic concepts around the humanitarian system and reform, undernutrition and response in emergencies, individual assessment and micronutrients. The package aims to increase the accessibility of information within key modules of the Harmonized Training Package: Resource Material for Training on Nutrition in Emergencies (the HTP) to strengthen the technical knowledge of individuals working in or aspiring to work in emergency nutrition.

The course comprises 5 sections comprised of lessons and mini-lessons. Each lesson takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and each mini-lesson takes 10–15 minutes.

You should allow 3½ – 5 hours per section for Section 1 – Section 4, and 7 hours to cover all the content of Section 5.

You can stop and return to a lesson at any time, and you are free to jump around the lessons and the pages within them as you wish. You can use the Bookmarks or Favourites feature in your browser to save your progress.

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