Situation Analysis on Early Childhood Intervention in North Macedonia

A comprehensive national-level Situation Analysis of the Early Childhood Intervention system and its programmes and services

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UNICEF North Macedonia/Georgiev/2019


The scarcity and unavailability of early childhood developmental screenings and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services at the national level, specifically in state-funded public ECI services, results in a high proportion of children in at-risk situations, developmental delays and/or disabilities who go unrecognized and unserved in North Macedonia as well as in many other countries. This suggests that infants and toddlers with or at risk for developmental delays are not receiving the necessary support that would allow them to acquire certain functional skills and to be able to contribute to the community they live in. National ECI systems should provide high-quality services guaranteeing the fulfilment of child and parental rights, preventing and reducing developmental delays, helping parents ensure their children with disabilities will achieve their full potential, and empowering families and caregivers to become competent and confident in supporting their children as well as helping them to transition to inclusive pre-primary and primary education and other social services.

The essential purpose and scope of interest of the Situation Analysis on Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) in North Macedonia was to conduct a comprehensive national-level Situation Analysis of the ECI system and its programmes and services in North Macedonia; to generate reliable evidence on existing national strengths and capacities, salient needs, and opportunities to establish and further support contemporary and sustainable programmes for ECI for children aged 0-6 years, with emphasis on the birth to three period, who are at risk of or have developmental difficulties, including disabilities; and to make recommendations regarding next steps for building, strengthening, improving, expanding, and financially supporting the national ECI system and its programmes.

This ECI Situation Analysis is being considered as a foundation for building a national system for early childhood intervention (ECI) services that will be based on existing strengths, resources and needs of the children, families, Government and ECI institutions, centres and professionals at all levels in North Macedonia.

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