Knowledge, attitudes and practices study on climate change and the environment (teachers)

The study measures the general knowledge of the teachers and educators in the country related to climate change and the effects on society

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This survey of knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP Survey), mainly focusing on teachers and educators employed in state educational institutions, gauges this respondent group’s general knowledge with regard to climate change, including the understanding and associations of the term itself, and the impact climate change has on society, people and children. The survey also measures attitudes to climate change, especially the level of concern about the problem, and assesses the perception of respondents about the importance of certain activities that may be crucial in the fight to reduce climate change, as well as their willingness to take action and be part of the solution to the problem. The survey will try to provide data on which practices and activities are most common among respondents, but also to identify the underlying social attitudes and beliefs that prevent teachers from effectively implementing climate change and environmental education. Finally, the survey covers respondents’ habits and means of information as one of the key factors that shape and create public opinion on various topics.

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English, Macedonian, Albanian