Guidance for Re-Opening of Preschools and Kindergartens post- COVID19

A set of overarching guiding principles can help decision-makers in planning for and implementing the re-opening of preschools and kindergartens.

Kids in kindergarden


The Guidence on Reopening of Preschools and Kindergartens post-COVID19 builds on prior guidance but is specific to preschools and kindergartens, as these institutions are unique in their pedagogical approach and set up specific to young children, and their dual focus on nurturing care and learning. The note outlines key overarching principles as well as practical measures that should be taken into account when re-opening of preschools and kindergartens, specifically for children three years and above.

The interagency Global Guidance on Reopening Early Childhood Education Settings covers a few important updates in line with the evolving evidence. It outlines key principles and practical measures for decision-makers to consider before, during and after the transition from closure to reopening. It focuses on safe operations in ECE settings, staff training and support, child well-being and development, and parental communication and support.

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