UNICEF and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy provided didactic materials to children with disabilities

03 June 2020
Didactic materials

Skopje, 2 June 2020: The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in cooperation with the UNICEF Office provided 500 packages of didactic materials for children with disabilities attending the Day Care Centers in 30 municipalities, and for children with disabilities who left the institutions in the process of deinstitutionalization and are now living in small group homes in Demir Kapija, Negotino, Bitola and Skopje.

With the pandemic and closure of schools, kindergartens and day care centers, many parents of children with disabilities have lost their daily support. To ensure remote support continues to be available, day care staff, including special educators, psychologists and social workers will provide online or phone advice on how to make best use of the didactic material including development of individualised educational plans for children and psycho-social support for the whole family.

Creating opportunities for learning and play at home and stimulating children’s development is especially valuable for vulnerable households caring for children with disabilities as they may lack resources and access to other support networks.

The provision of didactic material will also be used by teams of psychologists and special educators to develop play and learning activities with children deprived of parental care living in small group homes.

As part of a broader UNICEF support to inclusion of children with disabilities, in partnership with Open the Windows and with financial support from the British Embassy Skopje, training sessions are conducted for day care centers’ staff to continue designing the transition process of day care centers into community-based support centers for children with disabilities and their families/caregivers. The support centers will be offering a range of services adjusted to the needs of families including increased community involvement and early interventions to facilitate school attendance and advance social inclusion. 




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