UNICEF Nigeria equity reports

Fact sheets on UNICEF Nigeria's Education, Health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Child protection and WASH programmes

UNICEF Nigeria/2017


Child protection

  • Registering children’s identities at birth
  • Children's involvement in the work force
  • Early marriage among girls and young women
  • Trends in female genital mutilation/cutting among women and girls
  • Domestic violence
  • School attendance among orphans in Nigeria
  • Children lacking adequate care and supervision
  • Equity across key child protection indicators


  • Literacy among young women
  • Trends in early education attendance
  • Primary school initiation among children at age 6
  • Trends in primary education completion
  • Trends in transition rate to secondary education
  • Primary school attendance and out-of-school children
  • Secondary school attendance among children aged 12-17 years
  • Equity in Education in Nigeria
  • School attendance summary


  • Infant, under-five and maternal mortality rates
  • Immunization coverage by type of vaccine
  • Immunization against all of the main childhood diseases
  • Prevention and treatment of malaria
  • Equity in child health
  • Coverage and content of care for pregnant women
  • Trends in family planning among Nigerian women
  • Live births to mothers under 18
  • Birth attended by skilled health personnel
  • Equity in reproductive health


  • Comprehensive knowledge of HIV prevention among young people
  • HIV testing among sexually active young people
  • HIV prevalence among adults
  • Accepting attitudes towards people living with HIV
  • Condom use among young women
  • Equity in HIV in Nigeria


  • Malnutrition rates in children under 5 years
  • Exclusive breastfeeding of children under 6 months old
  • Vitamin A supplementation
  • Equity in nutrition in Nigeria


  • Access to improved sanitation in Nigeria
  • Access to improved sources of drinking water in Nigeria
  • Use of hand washing places, soap and water
  • Safe disposal of child faeces
  • Equity in water and sanitation in Nigeria

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