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National Integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Strategy
2009 - A brochure outlining the Integrated Maternal Newborn and Child Health (IMNCH) Strategy and packages of interventions for child survival and development strategy in Nigeria.

Breastfeeding FAQs Brochure
2009 - Useful information on breastfeeding for any mother or mother-to-be about breastfeeding. Answering questions such as why babies should be breastfed, if it is safe to take medication while breastfeeding and if there is a right way to breastfeed.

Mother, Newborn and Child Health Mortality in Nigeria
2008 - General facts about mother, newborn and child health and mortality in the Northern States of Nigeria, including a map indicating child malnutrition and mortality in Nigeria and a call to action.

Sustainable Elimination of Iodine Deficiency
2008 - This report reviews global and national efforts to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders since the 1990 World Summit for Children set the goal of virtual elimination of IDD.

Avian Influenza Media Kit
2007 - Factual information about the 2006/07 breakout of Avian Influenza, including signs and symptoms, control measures, frequently asked questions and the situation in Nigeria.

Universal Salt Iodization in Nigeria: Process, Successes and Lessons
2007 - This report is a compendium of the Nigeria IDD/USI valuation by experts in the field and formed the basis for the external assessment of Nigeria’s IDD/USI programme by the Global Iodine Network, in December 2005.

Engaging Communities: Nigeria's Campaign to Increase Acceptance of Routine and Polio Immunisation
2006 - Outlining Nigeria’s campaign to increase coverage of routine immunisation and achieve polio eradication.



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