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Protecting children

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Project briefing: Fiscal space for social protection in Nigeria
2011 - This briefing analyses whether it is possible to create fiscal space for social protection in Nigeria. It analyses 6 mechanisms to achieve this.

Project briefing: Strengthening linkages between child protection and social protection systems in Nigeria
2011 - The report focuses on linkages between child protection and social protection services regarding 3 key deficits - child trafficking; harmful forms of child labour; and child domestic abuse.

Project briefing: HIV-sensitive social protection: the case of Nigeria
2011 - This briefing presents key findings from a larger study exploring social protection and related programming in a context of high HIV prevalence in Nigeria.

Project briefing: The potential for cash transfers in Nigeria
2011 - This briefing examines the role, appropriateness and feasibility of cash transfers in the Nigerian context. It is part of a project funded by UNICEF Nigeria to support the Government of Nigeria in realising its overarching development strategy.

Project briefing: Social protection in Nigeria: an overview of programmes and their effectiveness
2011 - This briefing discusses the current social protection policy and programming landscape in Nigeria and the effectiveness of social protection in addressing poverty and inequality in the country.

Fact sheet: Child rights legislation in Nigeria
2011 - Information about child rights legislation in Nigeria, including the Domestication of the CRC; structure and content of the Child's Right Act of 2003, it's basic provisions children's responsibilities, child justice and more.

Children accused of witchcraft: An anthropological study of contemporary practices in Africa
2010 - This study addresses the issue of children who are victims of violence and mistreated due to local beliefs, representations and practices, in particular, relating to witchcraft.

Fact sheet: Birth Registration
2010 - Background information on birth registration in Nigeria, including the legal framework; the benefits of birth registration; the national response; UNICEF's assistance and achievements as well as strategies for promoting birth registration.

Fact sheet: A summary of the rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child
2010 - A short summary of the rights of all children as contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

From Commitment to Action: What Religious Communities can do to Eliminate Violence against Children
2010 - This guide was developed as a tool to support religious communities'work to promote child rights and to prevent and respond to rights violations, in particular violence against children.

Fact sheet: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
2008 - Information about Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria, including basic statistics; knowledge and prevalence; implications; the country response; interventions supported by UNICEF and limitations and challenges.

Fact sheet: Child Trafficking
2007 - Information about child trafficking in Nigeria, including information on the scale of the problem; major causes; the national response, UNICEF's support and emerging priorities.

Assessment of Violence Against Children at the Basic Education Level in Nigeria
2007 - This report was conceived as a follow up to the UNSG's Global Study on Violence Against Children and as a response to the concern by the Federal Ministry of Education on the different forms of abuse and violence meted out to children in school.

Child Rights Act, 2003
2003 - The bill for an Act to provide and protect the right of the Nigerian child and other related matters.

African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
1990 - The Charter was adopted by the Organisation of African Unity in 1990. It is a comprehensive instrument that sets out rights and defines universal principles and norms for the status of children and its mission is to promote and protect the rights.



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