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UNICEF advocates for increased resources of Government for children in Education and Health
UNICEF Enugu Office together with Government Ministries, NGO and School Children, commemorated the 25th anniversary of the convention on Rights of the Child (CRC) recently. The event attracted over 2000 school aged children who marked the anniversary alon

Combining nutritional support and birth registration under one roof
21 November 2014 – The waiting hall is crowded at the Magami Basic Health Centre, in the Sumaila Local Government Area of Kano State, northern Nigeria. The clinic is filled with mothers seeking help for their children at the outpatient therapeutic program

In northern Nigeria, a little cash goes a long way towards getting girls to school
24 October 2014 – Since their father died a few years ago, Aisha and Asmau have had to contribute to their family’s income, hawking by the roadside. The two girls live in a single-room mud and tin hut with their younger brother,mother and grandmother.

Battling the stigma of Ebola
30 September 2014 - In Nigeria, Ebola survivors and those who have come in contact with infected persons, as well as their families, find that being declared free of the disease is just a first step. They still need to cope with stigmatization.

Life inside the ‘Ebola house’
20 September 2014 - As we headed toward the gate, a young boy passing by glanced at us and said: “That’s the Ebola house.”

Social mobilizers fight Ebola – and misinformation
17 September 2014 – Asked how she can protect herself from Ebola, 7-year-old Uchechi exclaims, “I go wash hand before chop” – pidgin for “I wash my hands before eating.” She then proudly demonstrates how it is done.

Ebola in Nigeria – a survivor’s story
8 September 2014 - When Denis was taken to the isolation ward after losing his wife to Ebola and developing symptoms of the disease, he did not give up hope. He did not even lose hope when he initially tested positive for the disease

A message for maternal and child health
15 August 2014 – In Nigeria, UNICEF and partners are promoting maternal, newborn and child health services through mobile phone messages sent to mothers in their local language.

Crowds turn up for polio vaccinations in Nigeria’s north-east
26 June 2014 – Young women hold their little ones as they sit patiently on wooden benches, awaiting their turn at a health camp that provides polio vaccination and much-needed health care in north-eastern Nigeria.

In Nigeria, bringing the message of education for all
13 June 2014 – Kasimu Liman Toro beams with pride as his 12-year-old daughter, Nailatu, talks about her dream: One day, she will become a doctor.

Yandaki Yamma; access to safe water enhances ODF status
March 2014 - At the onset of the SHAWN Project in Katsina State, the news of anticipated improvements in water, sanitation filtered among stakeholders down to the beneficiary populations and plans were gradually made to reach out to the most vulnerable.



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