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2006 to 2010

UNICEF: Nigeria immunizes milions of children against polio
16 April 2010 - Nigeria recently joined 19 other countries in West and Central Africa in a synchronized campaign to immunize more than 85 million children under the age of five against polio.

Football legend Kanu aims to kick polio out of Nigeria
10 April 2010 - Nigeria's soccer captain and UNICEF Nigeria’s Ambassador Nwankwo Kanu has two goals for 2010: he wants Nigeria to shine at the upcoming World Cup, and he wants to eradicate polio from Africa.

Girls around the world talk about their lives and their rights
4 March 2010 A UNICEF-organized event marked the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action. Adopted at the 4th World Conference on Women in 1995, the Beijing Platform is the world's most comprehensive framework for achieving gender equality.

Equal access to sanitation for the physically challenged
This is the story of 16 year old Nafisa. Nafisa lives with a physical disability as a result of polio. Until the construction of an equal access latrine, her access to sanitation facilities has been somewhat limited.

A father shows support for his wife’s breastfeeding
Ikechukwu Uzowuru, a construction worker from Abuja, stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the more than three hundred women cradling their babies at the annual baby show, one of the events of this year's World Breastfeeding Week.

Polio immunisation drive reaches children in Koranic schools of Northern Nigeria
This is the story of 5-year-old Asiya and how 30,000 other children like her received immunisations at their Koranic schools in Northern Nigeria.

Netting mosquitoes; saving lives
Long Lasting Insecticide Nets continue to save lives that might otherwise have been stolen away by malaria - lives like that of 4-year-old Yaro...

The little Amazon
This is the story of ten year old Saratu Bello from Wurmawa, a Girls' Education Project community in Danmusa Local Government Area. The story tells of how she and her family are overcoming obstacles to ensure Saratu goes to school.

Getting girls back to school
This is the story of Jamila and Wasila, two girls who had to drop out of school because their parents could not afford their education. One girl now sells vegetables and the other got a second chance to go back to school…

Mothers in Lokoto adopt key household practices
September 2008 - Zainab Ali is 32 and a mother of five. She lives in Lokoto, a traditional community in Chachanga Local Government Area of Niger State. She got married at the age of 26 and for her, married life has been somewhat of a challenging experienc

School pupils sustain Universal Salt Iodization (USI) status in Nigeria
July 2008 - This is the story of 9 year old Ike and his role in the 'child-to-child within the school and community’ strategy adopted by UNICEF Nigeria to effectively disseminate useful information on salt iodization to families and communities.

Girls’ attendance increases with sanitation in schools
April 2008 - This is the story of how the UNICEF water and sanitation hygiene - WASH project has played a major role in facilitating enrolment and retention in schools across the country through the provision of proper sanitation amenities.

Promoting inclusion of physically challenged pupils
April 2008 - The story of how physically-challenged girls were enabled to attend and resume school with the help of wheelchairs and tricycles that were provided by the Girls' Education Project.

Nigerian youth fight HIV/AIDS
4 August 2008 -- Nigeria's youth are leading the call in the fight against HIV/AIDS, using knowledge as their weapon in classrooms and on the streets.

Birth registration campaign gives children a second chance
A 'mop-up' birth registration campaign initiated by the Kano State Government with technical support from UNICEF and other partners such as the National Population Commission, has targeted roughly 2.3 million unregistered children in Nigeria.

Goodwill Ambassador Kanu Nwankwo promotes ‘Football for Hope’
For the many Nigerian children living on the streets and slums of Lagos suburbs, Search and Groom, in partnership with FIFA and UNICEF, is making an escape from poverty through football more than just a fantasy...

A new life for Jane
Jane*, 15, is eager to get beyond her painful past. Jane was a victim of child trafficking, a widespread phenomenon in Nigeria. She was taken away from her village and trafficked to Gabon, via Cameroon...

Girls Education Project gets Nigerian girls back into school
11 April 2007 – Full of energy, pupils run in circles on the playground of Nadabo Primary School in the small town of Bakori, northern Nigeria. They are having fun in gymnastics class, where the female teacher has them exercising.



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