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Impact of the triple F’s (Food, Fuel and Financial) crisis on Women and Children and Social Protection Diagnostic Study

UNICEF commissioned a study to understand the impact of the financial, food and fuel crises (Triple F) and a mapping of Nigeria's social protection response to such shocks. While the macro impacts of the Triple F crises are known, there was little research on how the crises have impacted poor households, children and women. The study was aimed to fill this knowledge gap and generate lessons to inform how government and development partners can prevent and mitigate the impact of shocks faced by vulnerable groups. The social protection diagnostic, amongst other outputs, provided information on the effectiveness of existing programmes and considerations for fiscal space for social protection in Nigeria.

Overall, the triple f study highlights the complex pathways through which food, fuel and financial shocks affect families and children in Nigeria. While households are trying hard to adapt to and manage these shocks, evidence shows how these coping mechanisms have negatively impacted on children’s well-being by increasing their vulnerability to malnutrition, school withdrawal, exploitative forms of child labour, inadequate parental care and nurture and, ultimately, poverty. Findings also show that the crisis is exacerbating previous deprivations and vulnerabilities – underscoring the importance of timely, targeted and comprehensive social protection measures.

The background note on the Triple F crises and policy briefs on social protection are available below

• Food, Finance and Fuel: background report

• Social protection n Nigeria: mapping programmes and their effectiveness: background report and project brieifing

• The potential for cash transfers in Nigeria:background report and project briefing

• HIV vulnerabilities and the potential for strengthening social protection responses in the context of HIV in Nigeria: background report and briefing paper

• Promoting synergies between child protection and social protection: background report and project briefing

• An analysis of the fiscal space for social protection: background report and project briefing

• The synthesis report



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