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...Radio by children accused of being witches

The child witch phenomenon is rooted in Nigerian traditional beliefs that children can use sorcery to invoke supernatural powers to control people or events.

Children are branded witches, claim their accusers, because of misfortunes in the family or the community such as sickness or death, infertility, loss of a job or low income. They are often subjected to abuses and violence, and are sometimes even killed.

In thirteen 15-minute radio episodes, the children tell of their experience of torture, deprivation and near-death—and of the complicity of the adults around them. It is the first time the “child witches” story has been told from the perspective of the children themselves.

The radio series was produced with UNICEF’s support by Radio Nigeria and the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network. It was broadcast nationally and by local stations in Nigeria from November 2009 to February 2010.

Software required: The transcripts are in PDF format and to read them, you will need Adobe Reader

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Our Stories 1.mp3     Our Stories 1.pdf

Our Stories 2.mp3     Our Stories 2.pdf

Our Stories 3.mp3     Our Stories 3.pdf

Our Stories 4.mp3     Our Stories 4.pdf

Our Stories 5.mp3     Our Stories 5.pdf

Our Stories 6.mp3     Our Stories 6.pdf

Our Stories 7.mp3     Our Stories 7.pdf

Our Stories 8.mp3     Our Stories 8.pdf

Our Stories 9.mp3     Our Stories 9.pdf

Our Stories 10.mp3   Our Stories 10.pdf

Our Stories 11.mp3   Our Stories 11.pdf

Our Stories 12.mp3   Our Stories 12.pdf

Our Stories 13.mp3   Our Stories 13.pdf





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