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Caring staff make all the difference

© UNICEF Nigeria/2017/Adeyemi
Morufat Kasim attending an ante-natal clinic at Jambutu public healthcare centre.

By Samson Adeyemi

8 September 2017 - When Morufat Kasim delivered her baby at the Jambutu primary healthcare clinic in Adamawa State eight years ago, there were no staff on duty at night, which is often the time when mothers in labour are most in need of help.

When she was due to give birth three years ago, Mrs. Kasim chose to do so at home, rather than going to the clinic.

But now that she is pregnant again, she is feeling much more confidant about having her baby at the clinic, which is now supported by UNICEF and the European Union. ‘Before, if you had to deliver at night, there was no one to attend to you,’ the mother-of-three explained. ‘But now, the staff live here and they will attend to you at anytime of the day.

‘I hear from other mothers that it is better to be here than in a general hospital and the staff are caring. My last delivery was at home, but now I will try and have my baby here.’

The ante-natal care services offered at the clinic are also increasingly being taken up by mothers, who are taking advantage of the advice and care that is available for free.

‘Eight years ago when I delivered here, there were only few clients attending the ante-natal clinic, but now ‘Alhamdulilhahi’ there are many clients and staff has increased.”



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