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UNICEF Nigeria Country Office is calling for interested qualified Service Providers to submit applications to become prequalified in relation to upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) to be issued by UNICEF for Management of Consultancy Services.

Polio eradication is a corporate priority for UNICEF globally. Nigeria is one of the three remaining countries where polio is still endemic and UNICEF has committed itself in front of partners, donors, and national governments to continue the work on polio eradication until the goal is reached.

With the declaration of polio as a public health emergency, Nigeria is intensifying its efforts to ensure polio is stopped for good, particularly in the area of communication. As a key partner in the effort to eradicate polio, UNICEF has the lead role in communicating to families and communities about the importance of taking the oral polio vaccine to prevent polio. UNICEF is currently scaling up its human resource capacity in the high risk states of northern Nigeria where polio continues to persist.  Particular focus is being placed on operations in Borno, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara, Niger, Yobe, Jigawa and Kebbi. More than 8000 volunteer community mobilizers are working to support intensified communications activities in the field. This new system requires a significant amount of additional technical, financial and administrative support at the LGA to ensure the team functions smoothly in this programmatic emergency. A total of 200 communication consultants are now supporting communication and mobilization activities at the LGA level across northern Nigeria. It is anticipated that this network will continue to expand in 2014.

Major tasks


The primary objective of hiring an external institution or NGO is to effectively manage and monitor the disbursement of professional fee, honorarium, and reimburse other expenses to the Volunteer Community Mobilizer network (VCM-net) programme and support staff including up to 250 LGA level polio communication consultants in targeted high risk areas throughout northern Nigeria. The management services required include managing the recruitment, selection, and support of the consultant positions in consultation with local partners described and any other services related to the management of human resources and necessary technical and monitoring support to the network. UNICEF will provide templates for performance evaluation to the third party. Also, in case of the LGA consultants, the UNICEF senior consultants in the state level will directly supervise monthly activities and sign off their monthly reports. The organization, institution or NGO will also support the financial management of social mobilization activities at the LGA level to ensure strong accountability for resources.


Successful Service Provider will deliver (not limited to):

a) Human Resources and Performance Management of up to 250 LGA consultants

b) Organizing review meetings/workshops/trainings and disbursements of the volunteer  community mobilizer network and consultants

c) Management and monitoring of VCM-net Social Mobilization (SM) Funds at the LGA level


Qualifications, Specialized knowledge and Experience

1.   Reputed NGO or Consultancy/Management organization with experience of large scale project management and human resources management in social mobilization activities of development programmes.

2.  Ability and capacity to manage funds for training, field operations, and other activities at the LGA level deliverables.


mandatory requirements for Prequalification

1.   Minimum of 5 years of existence: submit legal Registration Certificate.

2.   Minimum of 3 years of experience in provision of similar services and implementation of similar contracts: submit List and details of completed/ ongoing contracts in Nigeria, including certificates of satisfactory completion of similar projects.

3.   Financial Capacity of average annual turnover of USD1M for the last three years and Financial Sustainability: submit audited financial statement and/or credit rating report

4.  Personnel: office organogram and CVs of senior and technical level positions.



Interested service providers are encouraged to complete and submit the Supply Profile Form which can be downloaded from here or obtained by sending an enquiry to abujasupply@unicef.org.

EOIs should be sent to e-mail: abujasupply@unicef.org, not later than 08 November 2013 COB. Please quote “EoI Contractual Management Services” as subject in your correspondence.

This EOI does not constitute a solicitation. We do not require bids or proposals at this stage; we merely seek your expression of interest in participating in the tender.

A response to this Request for Expression of Interest does not automatically ensure that you will be selected to participate in the tender.

UNICEF reserves the right to change or cancel the requirement at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process. UNICEF also reserves the right to require compliance with additional conditions as and when issuing the final tender document.

If you have any additional question about this EOI, please contact Bakhtiyor Sharipov, Supply Manager, e-mail: abujasupply@unicef.org



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