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Beware of fraud

UNICEF is deeply concerned about the fraudulent use of its name and logo, which abuses the trust of UNICEF supporters worldwide. Fraud is perpetrated in various ways, some of which we describe below. Be vigilant, and protect yourself and UNICEF from fraud’s potentially serious consequences. Always check UNICEF's contact information!

Appeals for financial help from people claiming to be UNICEF employees

We have reports from users of dating sites that people claiming to be UNICEF employees or consultants have asked them for money (for medical care, for a flight home, etc.).

UNICEF provides support to all its staff members and consultants at all times, no matter the situation.

Never send money or personal information (including your curriculum vitae) to anyone you don’t really know.

Remember that UNICEF websites and email addresses all use the unicef.org domain.

If in doubt, check with UNICEF Nigeria’s communication officer: gnjoku@unicef.org

Requests for donations

Beware of websites, e-mails and phone calls soliciting donations—or offering prizes—on behalf of UNICEF.

Only UNICEF and its 36 national committees are authorized to send communications or appeals to the public in UNICEF’s name. Certain private-sector companies raise money on behalf of UNICEF in campaigns or events under a formal arrangement with UNICEF (see UNICEF’s partners in Nigeria and partnerships worldwide).

Job or scholarship offers

Emails currently in circulation offer “UNICEF financial scholarships” or UNICEF jobs (or internships) upon payment of an acceptance fee.

UNICEF does not charge fees for job applications or participation in any of its programmes.

UNICEF employment opportunities can be found here:
Local opportunities with UNICEF Nigeria: https://www.unicef.org/about/employ/ 
Global opportunities with UNICEF: www.unicef.org/nigeria/about_3345.html


Read more from UNICEF on how to avoid fraud and protect yourself.

Also beware of scams implying association with the United Nations.



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