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Voices from the Streets

...Radio by children living on the streets of Lagos

Children living on the streets are society’s most vulnerable, marginalized and excluded. They haunt every turn of the street in all Nigeria’s major cities.

Unaccustomed to love or even care, abused and exploited, and used to the brutish and harsh life in the streets of Lagos, 47 boys who were receiving help from the Child-to-Child Network in Lagos confided to Radio Nigeria’s microphones, telling compelling and often haunting stories of why and how they live on the streets of Nigeria’s sprawling industrial and commercial capital. Their experiences, captured in the thirteen 15-minute episodes, are told with brutal frankness, hurt and pain—and are a ringing accusation of a society that has failed them.

The radio series was produced with UNICEF’s support by Radio Nigeria and the Child-to-Child Network. It was broadcast nationally and by local stations to an audience of some 80 million people from February to April 2010.

Software required: The transcripts are in PDF format and to read them, you will need Adobe Reader.

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Voices 1.mp3                           Voices 1.pdf

Voices 2.mp3                           Voices 2.pdf

Voices 3.mp3                           Voices 3.pdf

Voices 4.mp3                           Voices 4.pdf

Voices 5.mp3                           Voices 5.pdf

Voices 6.mp3                           Voices 6.pdf

Voices 7.mp3                           Voices 7.pdf

Voices 8.mp3                           Voices 8.pdf

Voices 9.mp3                           Voices 9.pdf

Voices 10.mp3                         Voices 10.pdf

Voices 11.mp3                         Voices 11pdf

Voices 12.mp3                         Voices 12.pdf

Voices 13.mp3                         Voices 13.pdf



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