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UNICEF Nigeria/2017

European Union (EU) projects improve lives
March 2017 - A water and sanitation project makes impact beyond the elimination of diseases in communities in Plateau state, Nigeria. The EU Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Project also brings children back to school.


Lifeline for conflict-affected communities
October 2016 - UNICEF and the European Union’s Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) step in with much-needed water and sanitation services in Galtimari, Maiduguri, after the arrival of 30,000 people displaced by the conflict in Borno.

School age girls at work carrying stalks on their heads

Education: bridging the gap for girls
In the Northern part of Nigeria, many girls of school age are not able to go to school because their families need them to work in the home and also outside the home where their labour can bring in much needed additional income for the family.



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