Saving time, saving lives

In Niger, UNICEF is using the technological solution RapidPro to accelerate humanitarian response in conflict-affected zones of Diffa.

By Islamane Abdou
Rpi pro
UNICEF Niger/2019/Islamane Abdou
17 April 2019
UNICEF Niger/2019/Islamane Abdou

To reach the hardest-to-reach children and those most in need, we need to know where, when and how to act. 


With the support of ECHO and the Governement of Italy, UNICEF has set-up a data collection platform called RapidPro to help the Government and partners accelerate humanitarian responses in the conflict-affected zones of Diffa. 

As a mobile tech programming tool, RapidPro allows partners to gather accurate real-time information on vital areas such as health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and child protection—even in remote and hard-to-reach places—and use that data to reach those most in need. 


About RapidPro 

UNICEF Innovation has been working with SMS systems since 2007, when it created an open source platform called RapidPro with its partners to support ongoing data collection efforts and youth engagement activities. RapidPro is a free and open source framework designed to send and receive data using basic mobile phones, manage complex workflows, automate analysis and present data in real-time. More: