#KidsTakeOver Niger's media on #WorldChildrensDay

Children took over high-visibility roles in Niger's media

By Lalaina Fatratra Andriamasinoro
© UNICEF Niger/2019/Juan Haro
UNICEF Niger/2019/Juan Haro

15 November 2019

NIAMEY (Niger), November 15, 2019 – Ahead of the World Children’s Day, November 20, children "take over" Niger's media to make their voices heard and shine a spotlight on issues affecting them. They will assume the role of journalists and reporters to express their support to their peers, especially those who are still deprived of their fundamental rights. 

All over the week, children will produce series of media reports, “micros-trottoirs” on specific topics they themselves have chosen and interviews with officials of the Government, international organizations and civil society. The children will discuss a variety of subject, ranging from the issue of child marriage to the themes of education, health, protection and youth. 

Several national media, print and audiovisual, have joined this initiative. These include the state-owned ORTN, Tambara and Ténéré television private stations, and Le Sahel, Le Matinal, La Roue de l'Histoire, La Nation and Le Républicain newspapers. The Sahara radio station of Agadez and Garkwa radio station of Maradi have also joined the movement. 

© UNICEF Niger/2019/Juan Haro
UNICEF Niger/2019/Juan Haro

Kids Takeovers are at the heart of UNICEF’s World Children’s Day, and the ideal expression of our commitment to making it a day of action for children, by children. A Kids Takeover is a way to manifest the core principle of children’s rights that every child has the right to be heard, to participate and play an active role in their society. 

“Kids Takeovers shouldn’t just be a stunt or photo-op. Takeovers provide children and young people with a chance to explore their rights and to gain a better understanding of how decisions are made. It is also an opportunity to voice their concerns and propose solutions that are meaningfully listened to and implemented by adults and decision makers," said Dr. Félicité Tchibindat, UNICEF Representative in Niger. 

UNICEF believes that high quality media contents and public debates that include the voice of children can contribute to efforts to improve the environment for the protection and promotion of children's rights in Niger. 

"The celebration of the World Children’s Day is an opportunity for children to stand up for their rights, to express what they want and how it should be done. No one can be a better advocate for their rights than children themselves, it is up to them to shape their own future," concluded Dr. Félicité Tchibindat.