Children on the move are, first and foremost, children

UNICEF works with partners to make sure migrant and displaced children are protected in Niger

Juan Haro
UNICEF Niger / Juan Haro
17 March 2020

Niger is the main migratory hub in West and Central Africa as a country of origin, transit and destination for mixed movements northwards to Libya, Algeria and the Mediterranean but also southwards with children and women fleeing Libya or being deported from Algeria.  An increasing number of migrant children are being expelled to Niger as countries across Europe and North Africa seek to curtail irregular migration. 

UN children’s agency is calling for solutions to keep children on the move safe. This means enhancing cross-border cooperation between countries to better protect children on the move, the implementation of child-sensitive border management policies, and providing children with access to essential services like shelter, protection, education and training. It also means urgently addressing the root causes of irregular child migration including poverty, lack of education opportunities or violence.

UNICEF is working with the authorities in Niger to help reunify children with their separated families, keep children learning, and ensure they benefit from basic social services as part of the RDPP partnership with UNHCR, IOM, and partners.