Preventing school dropout and early marriage in Nepal: Report

Review and scoping of the Beti Padhau Beti Bachau and the Bank Khata Chhoriko Suraksha Jivan Variko programmes

This image shows a group of girls in Parsa District going to school on their bicycles
UNICEF Nepal/2021/LPNgakhusi


To address the discriminatory gender norms that continue to impact the lives of girls and women in Nepal – namely early marriage, school dropout, sex selective abortion, and gender-based violence in the home, community and school – two of the country’s provinces have set up girl-focused social protection programmes. Province 2 has launched the Beti Padhau Beti Bachau (BPBB) programme, and Karnali province has rolled out the Bank Khata Chhoriko Suraksha Jivan Variko (BKCSJV) programme.

This document highlights the objectives and key components of the two programmes, explores their main successes and challenges and provide recommendations, particularly for programme implementers, UNICEF, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and other social protection partners as to how they can support the provincial governments to strengthen programme design and implementation.

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Fiona Samuels and Anita Ghimire
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