An expansion strategy for Nepal’s Child Grant

Following the Government of Nepal’s recent announcement to expand the Child Grant programme, this policy brief presents strategies and options for an incremental geographic approach to the expansion in order to reach national coverage within 10 years.

Mother with children
UNICEF Nepal/2015/NShrestha


The Child Grant was introduced in 2009/10 to support better nutrition for children under five years of age. Like other social security schemes implemented by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MOFALD) that take a rights-based approach and promote social inclusion, the vision was to see a nationwide Child Grant that is available to all families with young children. Due to budget constraints at the time, however, various targeting criteria were applied to the Child Grant such that it covers approximately 16 per cent of under-fives nationwide.

Recognising the potential of the Child Grant to make a real difference to the lives of children and to contribute to Nepal’s development goals,1 the Government made a commitment in its 2016/17 budget speech to enhance and initiate expansion of the programme. To this end, UNICEF Nepal has provided technical assistance to MOFALD to develop a long-term plan for expansion that reflects the principles and strategies of the draft National Framework for Social Protection (NFSP).

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