Costing Study on Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) in Nepal

A Case for Investment in ECED

This image shows children's hands playing with wooden blocks


Skill formation and human capital accumulation are a lifetime process, and quality early childhood education and development (ECED) is critical for ensuring that children get a head start in this process. Robust quality ECED helps children build a strong foundation to acquire key cognitive and socio-emotional skills. It helps launch children on higher learning trajectories, making them more adaptable, resilient, and productive. Quality ECED is also indispensable to realize the goals of poverty
reduction and shared prosperity. 

While Nepal has improved access to ECED, the quality of these ECED services remains a concern. The study provides cost estimates of improving existing and introducing new inputs to improve the quality of ECED in Nepal.

This image shows the cover of the ECED costing study report
The World Bank and UNICEF Nepal
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