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Innovations Overview

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Children and their families around the world face various barriers to fulfilling their rights - particularly in resource-limited settings. UNICEF and its partners develop innovative solutions to improve their lives.

New ideas and approaches are important to UNICEF’s work and we aim to engage and partner with the right organizations and individuals from the public, private and academic sectors to support us by co-developing user-driven innovations.


We identify problems - then work with those that benefit from our services and products, as well as those involved with designing and making them to explore novel ways to empower children and their families.


UNICEF is working on a range of projects around the world at various stages of development, from a response to a challenge, or the initial seed of an idea, through to development, piloting then implementation at full-scale.  Some projects include a ‘get involved’ section where we seek input or partnership to move the project forward.

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