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Social Policy, Research and Communication


Monitoring Child Well-being

Strengthen knowledge base on children in Namibia.

NSA, policy makers, academia and civil society organisations.

Data on child well-being gives policy makers important insights into the state of children in Namibia. This includes both administrative data on child outcomes and use of public services and child centred assessments of national surveys. In addition, children’s own views of their lives can provide more direct information on children’s well-being and its determinants than other data sources.

The newly established Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) is spearheading the process of analyzing such data on children and making data easily accessible to the public. From 2014 NSA is planning to combine all national surveys into a continuously on-going Multi-Topic-Household Survey that will provide regular data up-dates on poverty and unemployment. The survey will consist of a core module covering key indicators and a series or rotating thematic modules. A planned module on child well-being with children as respondents will provide much needed information on the well-being and perspectives of children.

Currently, routine data on child outcomes is of varying relevance, quality and timeliness and not always easily accessible. As a result, administrative data is underutilized and not effectively used to monitor child well-being and the quality of service provision.

NSA aims to make data available online on key indicators from both administrative sources and national surveys which provides an opportunity to strengthen national data collection, analysis and dissemination.

Data sources: NSA 2012, Child Poverty in Namibia, Census 2011.

By end of 2018 Social Protection System with adequate financial resources to progressively support all families with children has been set up and institutionalized.

- Strengthened capacity of line ministries, NSA, civil society and academia to produce and analyse relevant data on children

- The National Statistical System produces and publishes regular reports on the well-being of children in Namibia

- Policy makers have strengthened capacity for evidence-based policy making





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