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The overall goal of the UNICEF Namibia Country Programme is to accelerate realization of the rights of children and women through national systems, to ensure that the most vulnerable in Namibia have equitable access to high-quality services. The categories on the right further detail our efforts.

Child Protection and Social Protection
Addressing the most critical protection issues concerning OVC, violence against women and children, and the underlying issues of gender and alcohol abuse.

Protecting gender parity in the face of HIV/AIDS, ensuring marginalised children access to free basic education, especially girls, and strengthening the education system's capacity.

Health and Nutrition
Preventing disease through immunisation, improved care practices and maternal and adolescent reproductive health, achieved by strengthening the medical system’s capacity and meeting mothers' needs.

Social Policy, Research and Communication
This programme will contribute to the establishment, implementation and monitoring of evidence-based policies and legislative frameworks for the realization of the rights of children and adolescents.


Natural hazards such as drought and floods have have afflicted Namibia in the last decade. These hazards become disasters when capacities to cope within existing resources are overwhelmed. 


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