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A new beginning for the people of Kine Thaung Island

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UNICEF helped the children of Kine Thaung Island resume their lessons as quickly as possible.

KINE THAUNG ISLAND, 21 March 2005 - Most villagers on Kine Thaung Island can never imagine life being the same again.  When the tsunami pounded the village on a quiet Sunday morning in December, a number of young children were swept into the sea.  Many families remain inconsolable after their loss and are understandably reluctant to speak about the catastrophe.

UNICEF has been providing crucial assistance to the survivors of the tsunami, many of whom lost all of their possessions and homes, along with loved ones.

“We’ve focused our assistance where families tell us they need it the most,” says UNICEF’s Terence Kadoe. “This includes the replacement of basic household materials, especially blankets, clothing and cooking utensils, as well as the provision of clean water.”

UNICEF is working with its partners to not only get these families back on their feet, but provide them with an even higher quality of life than they enjoyed before the disaster.

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Many families lost rainwater collection jars when the tsunami hit. UNICEF is installing durable water systems in the affected communities.

New 500 gallon water tanks are being provided for Kine Thaung’s schools and community centres, and community water pumps that were damaged by the waves have been repaired.

“We’ve never had enough fresh water,” says an elder of the village, “so we’re all benefiting from this help.  Especially our children.”  

UNICEF is also providing latrine systems and hygiene education to families with damaged homes, repairing damaged schools, providing basic school supplies to help children stay in school, and providing recreational supplies such as toys and games, to bring children a bit of enjoyment during this difficult time.

In cooperation with its partners, UNICEF Myanmar continues to work to bring a better life to the children and families of Kine Thaung Island and other tsunami-affected communities in Myanmar.


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March 2005 - Carroll Long UNICEF Representative in Myanmar discusses how tsunami funds donated to UNICEF are being used to help children.

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