Nourishing children in camps for displaced communities

Nourishing children in camps

Kachin Baptist Convention, Myanmar
World Concern Myanmar
08 October 2019

When Khin (not her real name) arrived at Tatkone Emanuel camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in the middle of 2018, she was carrying her firstborn baby, then five-months -old (now one year old). The twenty-three-year-old mother from N-Jang Yang Township had never heard about exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months or complementary feeding when the baby gets older than six months. 

In the IDP camp, Khin was advised about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and ways to cook nutritious food for herself. She also received a highly nutritious soup provided by World Concern Myanmar, with the support of the Myanmar Humanitarian Fund.

Khin first tried the nutritious soup when she was breastfeeding and found she had more energy.

“My strength improved greatly, which in turn meant, I was breastfeeding my baby well,” observed Khin.

The positive results have built Khin’s trust in the nutrition activities organized in the camp. She participates actively, sharing her own experiences in the nutrition awareness sessions including the mothers’ group discussions and the cooking sessions. 

These days, Khin says she always tries to consider the recommend food groups when preparing a meal for herself and before feeding her child who is now older than six months and receives complementary feeding. Preparing the meals, she mixes the meat and vegetables with the soup. Her baby is gaining weight and now well nourished. 

The thankful young mother says, “The guidance and support I have received from this programme have really helped my child’s growth. I am now more confident about taking care of my baby.“ Khin believes she can now do this important job, whether she is in an IDP camp or if she has a chance to return to her home in Kawng Ra village

World Concern Myanmar is partnering with Community Health and Development organization to provide nutrition services to 27 camps in Kachin State, with support from the Myanmar Humanitarian Fund.

World Concern is a nutrition sector partner supporting humanitarian nutrition response in Kachin