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Generic Annual Programme Narrative Progress Report [PDF]
UN Joint Program on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (UN-JMNCH) in Myanmar

Alternative Care for Children in Tsunami Affected Areas [PDF]
Alternative Care for Children without Primary Caregivers in Tsunami-Affected Countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand, July 2006

Assessment of AMW in Rural [PDF]
Assessment of Performance and Acceptability of Auxiliary Midwives in Rural Communities as a Strategy to Improve Maternal Health, 2004-2005

Assessment of Urinary Iodine Level among School Children 04 [PDF]
Assessment of Urinary Iodine Levels among School Children in 11 State/Divisions of Myanmar, 2004 (Urinary Iodine Excretion Survey, 2004), October 2004

Assessment of Urinary Iodine level among School Children 06 [PDF]
Assessment of Urinary Iodine Levels among School Children in Myanmar (Urinary Iodine Excretion Survey), September 2004

Baseline Survey and Sitan of Home Based Care 01 [PDF]
A Baseline Survey and Situation Analysis of Home Based Care in Myanmar, March 2001

Baseline Survey on Child Care Practices [PDF]
Baseline Survey on Child Care Practices of Families in Myanmar, July 2005

Elderly Population in Myanmar [PDF]
The Elderly Population in Myanmar: Trends, Living Conditions, Characteristics and Prospects, April 2005

Infant Morbidity and Mortality in Myanmar [PDF]
Research Study on ‘The Determinants of Infant and Child Morbidity and Mortality in Myanmar, April, 2005

MDG WatSan target Assessment of Progress [PDF]
Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target “A Mid- Term assessment of Progress”, August, 2004

Minimum package of HIV prevention interventions in Myanmar [PDF]
Evidence for a successful implementation of the minimum package of HIV prevention interventions in Myanmar, August 2007

Myanmar EMIS Needs Analysis Study [PDF]
Report on the Myanmar Education Management Information System Needs Analysis Study, November 2005

Myanmar Reproductive Health Survey 05 [PDF]
Myanmar Reproductive Health End of Programme Community Survey, 2005



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