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The global evidence is clear – the best place for a child to grow up is in a supportive family environment. Children need more than clothes, food and shelter: a family provides the love, care and attention that a child needs for their healthy development.

In 2011, it was found that 73% of children in registered residential care facilities in Myanmar had one or both parents alive. This clearly dispels the myth that orphanages and children’s homes are for children without parents. Families need to be supported to provide and care for children, and residential care should only ever be a last resort.

UNICEF Myanmar is raising awareness on this important issue in Myanmar. Myanmar is in a unique position to prevent the separation of children from their families for reasons of residential care. Myanmar is just opening up to tourism, foreign investment and international donors, which will all have an impact on children. Now is the time to change behavior and practices so that people give money or volunteer to support families and communities to stay together, rather than supporting orphanages which unnecessarily separate children from their families.

UNICEF Myanmar is holding a series of workshops with key stakeholders, community level advocacy sessions, as well as supporting a visit by the Government of Myanmar to Cambodia to learn more about the dangers of unregulated residential care. This will be followed by a National Forum to further enhance knowledge and understanding around every child’s right to a family.

This webpage is intended as a resource for interested parties to further gain knowledge and understanding to prevent unnecessary separation of children from their families. UNICEF wishes to thank agencies and organisations for their support in this initiative.

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